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"How'd They Do That?!?"


Have you ever played against an expert and wondered how they knew to make the plays they did? Or how they seemed to know where all the cards were? In the continuing series Think Like An Expert!, bridge professionals John Ramos and 16-year-old Finn Kolesnik let you in on their secrets! Via a Zoom webinar, they'll explain how they approach hand evaluation, matchpoint strategy, signaling, and partnership defense. They'll teach you conventions and treatments you may not know. And you'll see how much and how often they count and reassess their plans. They play against BBO robots with no idea what the hands are going to be, so you'll occasionally get to see them fall on their faces, which can be entertaining as well as instructive! You can ask questions in real time, and after the class, you'll get a link to a recording of the session so you can review it at your leisure if you wish. And if you buy three classes in any calendar month, you'll get the fourth for free! (Not transferable outside calendar month.)


Recommended Level Of Student: Advanced Beginner And Up

Time: Wednesdays at 1 PM Eastern Time/10 AM Pacific

Duration: 90 minutes


Special promotion- Purchase 3 classes in a single month and get the 4th class free.




My bridge has improved more than I could ever have imagined possible because of John Ramos and Flinn Kolesnik’s approach to teaching. In each Think Like An Expert! class, they thoroughly explain the logic behind both the bidding and playing of their hands. In addition, they encourage each student not only to ask questions during the lesson, but also to email questions to them afterward. My partner and I often send them hands when we are not sure how to bid them, and we always receive a prompt reply. I highly recommend Think Like An Expert to anyone who wants to further their bridge skills while having fun! -- Nancy G



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