Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Play Bridge At Sea™-On Land-And Online

Play Bridge at Sea™ Play Bridge From Home, Play Bridge Anywhere™ and Bridge Academ On Land™ are programs operated by Play Bridge At Sea-Dream Vacations based in New York. As part of Dream Vacations, we are affiliated with World Travel Holdings, the largest vacation retailer in the United States. Because of this powerhouse association, we can guarantee you exceptional insider savings and special fares. What's more, you can expect a personalized level of service that is not only award-winning, it is renown industry-wide Signature Bridge Cruises These are on Silversea Luxury All Inclusive itineraries. Bridge Academy On Land These are land programs at Luxury resorts. Online E-Learning From the comfort of your home improve your game with: The Bridge Professors Think Like An Expert! All programs provide excellent bridge learning opportunties for you from the best teachers in the industry.

What Are The Current Learning Online Opportunities?

The Bridge Professors;

Three of our core plus a visiting professor will be filling the fourth seat on each session.

All are certified ACBLteachers and National Champions. Our core teachers are Christopher Rivera, Giorgia Botta and John Ramos. More information about them can be found here.

Classes are every other Thursday at 7PM EDT/4PM PDT and the last Saturday of the month at 12PM EDT/9AM PDT. All classes run for 2 hours and cost $25 per attendee. Classes use the Zoom video platform.

Think Like An Expert!

Is a class offered by one of our teachers John Ramos along with Finn Kolesnik.

Teachers play random hands against BBO robots and discuss their thinking on all aspects of the game. Classes are every Wednesday at 1PM EDT/10AM PDT and cost $20 for 90 minutes.

Classes use the Zoom video platform.

Recording of the session is provided to you free of chaarge within 48 hours after conclusion.

Recordings for The Bridge Professors will be sent within 48 and are available free of charge for 14 days. We suggest that you download the session.

Past session are available for purchase here

Recordings for Think Like An Expert! are send out shortly after class session end.

What Are The At Sea And Land Offers?

All of our travel offers can be found here Our web site is

Sea Programs

Silversea Cruises

Panama Canal January 2021

Caribbean February 2021

Athens to Venice June 2021

Vancouver to San Diego October 2021

New York to Montreal October 2021

Land Programs

Bridge Academy On Land™

Ojai California November 2020

Marco Island Florida March 2021

Ojai California November 2021

For more information we will be pleased to contact you - click here

How Do I Purchase Online Lessons?

Our web site has the most complete information. Look here to find session dates and availability, information about our teachers, topics of the lessons and cost.

You may book single or multiple sessions from this page or from our store at

Step 1- Select the class and date you wish to join.

Step 2- Confirm the date and number of attendees

Step 3- Proceed to payment page. We accept all major credit cards including Apple Pay.

If you are using a gift card please enter the gift card number on the final "checkout payment"payment page. Locate the blue "add gift card" link and enter number.

If you are using a promo code- enter the code in the respective field or on the final "checkout payment" page using the blue link "add coupon code".

You may purchase gift cards at

It is a great way to share the love of bridge with someone.

Bookings can not be cancelled and are not refundable. We will do out best to find an alternate session for you.

How Do I Reserve At Sea and Land Programs?

We are thrilled that you are considering a luxury bridge program at sea or on land with us. Please call us at 800.983.9077 or 212.862.2706. Our email is We always recommend travel insurance. Our agents will automatically price it for you. Insurance policies offered by us have a pre-existing conditions waiver. To hold a cabin or room requires a deposit and must be paid within 5 days of booking. You will receive a confirmation of ll with all the travel details. Pre and post hotel stays can also be arranged. Silversea inclusive air is operated by Silversea and fights reserved use the line's contract space. We will do our best to get you the flight and carrier of your choice but sometimes this is not possible.

How Do I Make Sure I Get Confirmations For Online Lessons?

Booking Receipt

After you book a session you will get a receipt of payment confirmation from us.

If you do not receive this receipt this may mean that you may have provided us an incorrect email or you may have a blocker on your email system that prevent email from us.

To Fix This Problem

Step1- Be sure that it is not in your spam/junk folder. If we dont fix this problem now, the session link and followup recording may not be able to be received.

Step 2- If you find this email in spam, You must tell the email that this is NOT spam and make it safe for future deliveries.

Locate the place in your email system that you can mark it as NOT SPAM. Sometimes it’s a button to the side and other times a right click on the mouse depending on your system.

Step 3- You can also avoid future issues by adding into your contacts/address file.

Here is a helpful instructional on how to make ur emails end up in your inbox.

Please click here to see this information.

If you still don’t see the confirmation receipt email, then notify us at

Session Link

In a separate email you will get a confirmation to the session with a ZOOM link on it.

Keep this email and add it to your calendar if you use one. You will also get a reminder 24 hours and 1 hour before the session.

If you do not have this confirmation at least 24 hours before session let us know at

Check SPAM folder first before emailing us.

Also be sure to add to your contacts file like above. You can also use the NOT SPAM link on your email system as described above.

How Do I Prepare For My Online Lesson?

The Bridge Professors A few days prior to the lesson, Giorgia Botta will provide a short video primer on the upcoming topic so that newer players can familiarize themselves. This is free to all participants of the session. Think Like An Expert! All sessions are on the ZOOM platform. When you register and pay for a session you will get a customized link from with the link for the session. Simply click that link and you will be in the webinar sesson. Plan on joining 5/10 minutes in advance. You will be placed in waiting room. This is normal and the session will admit you at the designated time. If you lose the link we will not be able to generate it again if the sesson has already started. In this case we will provide a link upon request to You will be required to add you name and email again. No payment will be taken. Just click the link and you will be connected. Make sure your volume is adjusted to your desired level. For service issues with Think Like An Expert! email John Ramos If you cannot connect it may be one of the following: Lost or slow internet connection Old browing files that are preventing a new session. In this case clear your cache files or just reboot. If you see you still cannot still enter, email us at

Who Do I Contact For Online Service Related Issues?

Customer service is available by email at We are sorry we are unable to provide phone support.

Who Do I Contact For At Sea And Land Related Issues?

For Sea and Land Program feel free to call us at 800.983.9077 or 212.862.2706. and one of our agents will assist you. Our email is