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Our lessons are on pause for the summer. so that our students and our teachers can spend time with family and friends once again.

We will restart classes in September. Watch our web site or email for more.

We invite you to purchase Test Your Bridge Judgement by Barry Rigal.
One of Rigal's classics has been updated and modernized. Barry Rigal—the highly respected bridge commentator, author, and player—has set a series of tests of your bridge skill, and teaches you new skills at the same time. You are the player and he is your guide to making the crucial decisions at each stage of bidding and play. Rigal grades your performance and that of your partner and offers his unique analysis. The hands are instructive but practical. A great way to hone bidding
judgment and playing technique.

You may purchase this book HERE

Our sessions are all about quality bridge learning online and we will continue to innovate and build our online presence. We are aware that with practice and learning, you can improve your game.

Play Bridge At Sea™ takes learning seriously. We provide an online program, a Bridge Academy land program and our at sea program with Silversea Cruises.

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   Giorgia Botta            John Ramos           Christopher Rivera

The Bridge Professors™ 

The Bridge Professors is the original class in our collection, and continues to offer material for all levels of student. Meeting every other Thursday throughout the year, each class is a self-contained lesson.


Our three core Professors sometimes invite a visiting professor to bid and play hands on a particular theme. There is something in it for everyone.

You will also see our core teachers, The Bridge Professors,  on board our Silversea Bridge Cruises and at The Bridge Academy on Land.

Always refer to our current schedules.

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Our Skill Categories Of Classes 


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The Bridge Professors - Learn From Past Lessons




Best Suited For

New To Bridge
Beginner Plus

Four great teachers will get together to play a random collection of hands, commenting on their thought process for each decision, from bidding to play. We will have a visiting professor filling the fourth seat along with our core teachers Christopher Rivera, Giorgia Botta and John Ramos.

You, the student, will be able to watch all the action, and interact and ask questions of the teachers at regular intervals in our live online session.

The Bridge Professors also offer Doubles, Two Over One, Advanced Two Over One, Overcalls and Beginners classes. All classes are categorized as New To Bridge, Beginner Plus, Intermediate Plus.

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Your Teachers For This Class
Christopher Rivera
Giorgia Botta
John Ramos

Think Like An Expert! Learn From Past Lessons




Best Suited For

Beginner Plus

Have you ever played against an expert and wondered how they knew to make the plays they did? Or how they seemed to know where all the cards were? In the continuing series Think Like An Expert!, bridge professionals John Ramos and 16-year-old Finn Kolesnik let you in on their secrets!

Your Teachers For This Class
John Ramos
Finn Kolesnik

Purchase Past Lessons

Most classes have been recorded and available if you would like to download and purchase. Recordings are always free for class students.

See our recordings here

To see past Think Like An Expert! Classes click here

Periodically we run classes again. Always  check our shopping page. You can also send us an email to be alerted when the class will be repeated.  Tell us HERE the class you would like an alert about.

Past Classes Have Included:

Fundamentals of Two Over One

Advanced Two Over One

Declarer Play Boot Camp

Doubles Series

Lebonsohl Series

Defense Series

Overcall Structure

Opening Leads

Beginner's Bridge Levels 1, 2 and 3

Think Like An Expert!

Declare Like An Expert!