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Our sessions are all about quality bridge learning online and we will continue to innovate and build our online presence. We are aware that with practice and learning, you can improve your game.

Play Bridge At Sea™ takes learning seriously. We provide an online program, a Bridge Academy land program and our at sea program with Silversea Cruises.

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The Bridge Professors™ 

The Bridge Professors is the original class in our collection, and continues to offer material for all levels of student. Meeting every other Thursday throughout the year, each class is a self-contained lesson.


Our three core Professors sometimes invite a visiting professor to bid and play hands on a particular theme. There is something in it for everyone.

You will also see our core teachers, The Bridge Professors,  on board our Silversea Bridge Cruises and at The Bridge Academy on Land.

Always refer to our current schedules.

Our Skill Categories Of Classes 

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Doubles Practice Hands Session Part 2



90 Minutes

Best Suited For

Do you know what to do when your partner makes a negative double? If you didn't give a confident yes, you're not alone! Join us for a review session in which you'll have the opportunity to practice these important responses. We will cover cuebids, jumps, notrump responses, and more! Intended for students who took our series on doubles in February, but open to anyone who wants more practice.

With supervision from the Bridge Professors Giorgia Botta, Christopher Rivera, and John Ramos! We will be using Shark Bridge for play, along with Zoom for a short pre-lesson.

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Defense Series Defender's Advantage!: Package of 4 Sessions



120 Minutes

Best Suited For

Four Sessions on Saturdays- 2PM Eastern Time

May 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2021

Have your heard the term "declarer's advantage"? It refers to the fact that declarer gets to see his partner's hand as well as his own.

Does that mean the defenders are at a disadvantage? Yes -- which makes it even more crucial that you understand defensive principles. And that's what we're here to teach you with our four-week series on defense! We will cover the following topics:

-- Active versus passive opening leads
-- Which suits are safe to attack and which are dangerous
-- When to "tap" declarer (i.e. force her to trump)
-- How to decide what to keep when declarer is running winners
-- How to signal attitude, count, and suit preference to your partner, and how to interpret her signals
-- And more!

Join the Bridge Professors Giorgia Botta, Christopher Rivera, and John Ramos for this intensive four-week series to get a "defender's advantage"! Each two-hour lesson will consist of roughly 45 minutes of lecture (via Zoom) and the rest practice hands (via Shark Bridge)

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Declarer Play Practice Hands



90 Minutes

Best Suited For

We've all been there. You bid a contract and make it -- but you get a bad score because most other people made an overtrick. It's frustrating -- but it's good motivation to improve your declarer play.

With supervision from the Bridge Professors Giorgia Botta, Christopher Rivera, and John Ramos! We will be using Shark Bridge for play, along with Zoom for a short pre-lesson

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Past Classes Have Included:

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Advanced Two Over One

Declarer Play Boot Camp

Doubles Series

Lebonsohl Series

Defense Series

Overcall Structure

Opening Leads

Beginner's Bridge Levels 1, 2 and 3

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