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Enjoying your time aboard a luxury cruise ship is only half the story. Learning from the world's experts in a fun relaxing atmosphere is where it's really at!

Silversea Bridge Cruises

Luxury Bridge Cruises

Small Group Boutique Experience

Exceptional Quality Bridge Learring

World Class Accedited Teachers

Agency Concierge On All Sailings

ACBL Sanctioned With Silver Points

Singles Welcome

You will be playing bridge in a comfortable room with a sea view. What could be better than this. Light snacks and beverages are available at all time. As the ships we use have a maximum of 600 passengers, your cabin is never far away. You will meet others who love the games from all corners of the earth. Our director is there to keep the game moving and  proper according to ACBL standards. Your results are computer-generated within minutes after the end of the game.

Your bridge experience is about opportunity
Bridge Games

A usual day will have one bridge event, either a lesson or game. On sea days there will be morning and afternoon bridge events.

Bridge Lessons

We provide a lesson or game almost every day, and two on sea days, all with valuable insights to improve your game

Social Setting

We play in a casual atmosphere in a comforable private room. Drinks and snacks are always available. Meet fellow bridge enthusiasts. Join us at our opening and closing receptions and closing reception. 

Bridge Partners

We always guarantee you a partner, even if you are travelling alone.

Playing Bridge
Enjoying the Sights
Learning from Experts
Our Guest Teachers And Directors

All our teachers are ACBL Certified and will deliver to you excellent learning opportunities. 


Christopher Rivera is an ACBL Accredited Bridge Teacher and tournament rated director. He is Assistant Head Director at Honors Bridge Club, the largest bridge club in North America. He learned to play bridge from his grandmother, who taught him valuable lessons in card play, but Goren style bidding, which he had to unlearn when he began playing bridge seriously. In addition to bridge, he plays many other card and board games. He has a degree in Physics from Lawrence University.

Christopher Rivera
Giorgia Botta

Giorgia Botta is an international bridge champion and world class teacher. Born and raised in Rome, Italy, where she learned to play bridge at the age of 12 from some of the greatest bridge players in the world, Giorgia now resides in New York City, where she has become one of the most respected and sought after teachers and professional players. She teaches and plays regularly at Honors Bridge Club, the largest bridge club in North America, as well as traveling internationally to teach and play bridge. Giorgia has a youthful exuberance and currency in the game that assures you excellent bridge instruction.

John Ramos

John Ramos is a professional bridge teacher and in the country's top echelon of tournament players. At the 2019 Fall Nationals, he placed third in the Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs, the oldest and most prestigious pairs event in the United States, besting a host of top experts from all over the world. In addition to his skill at competing, he is a passionate teacher and believes that anyone can improve with the help of an attentive and engaged instructor. Originally from New York City, where he was mentored by many of the country’s top players, he’s lived in Los Angeles for the past twelve years. He works with players of all levels privately, on cruises, and at his adopted home, the Beverly Hills Bridge Club, one of the biggest clubs in California, which he also manages.

David Libchaber

David Libchaber was born and raised in Paris France and came to the United States to attend college. Fresh out of business school, David got involved in the boom of the late 90’s and was the general manager of e-bridge, the first bridge internet company to Vugraph major tournaments over the internet and the first web site to run ACBL sanctioned tournaments. After taking a fifteen-year hiatus to raise his family, David came back to the bridge world and is a respected bridge teacher in New York City. He introduces serious concepts in a fun and jovial atmosphere, which makes his classes very desirable.

Stephannie Culbertson

Stephannie Culbertson is the Manager and Head Director at the Cavendish Bridge Club, as well as a Gold LIfe Master.  She learned to play bridge after she moved across the street from a bridge club and quickly became addicted.   In addition to bridge, Stephannie chairs the Nero Award for Best American Mystery and is a wine and spirits judge for The Fifty Best.   She is a retired IT Manager and has degrees from MaryMount Manhattan College, New York University and Baruch College, City University of New York.

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