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This Advanced Two Over One Class Has Concluded.
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Declarer Play Boot Camp


Four Sessions on Saturdays- 2PM Eastern Time

April 10, 17, 24 and May 1


How Do I Get That Extra Trick? Learn How In Our Declarer Play Boot Camp Series!


We've all been there. You bid a contract and make it -- but you get a bad score because most other people made an overtrick. It's frustrating -- but it's good motivation to improve your declarer play! With that in mind, we are offering this 4-part "Declarer Play Boot Camp" series. In addition to helping you make tough contracts -- appropriate for social and competitive players alike -- we'll teach techniques that will get you those coveted overtricks. Topics covered will not be limited to but will include:


-- Entry Management

-- Timing

-- Spot-Card Management

-- Thinking Ahead

-- Avoidance (Safe Hand/Danger Hand)

-- How To Play Different Honor Combinations

-- And, Of Course, Counting!


Each lesson will consist of an interactive lecture with demo hands and a session on Shark Bridge during which you get to practice what you've learned and get further instruction! You'll also receive class notes before and after the sessions and access to a recording of the lectures for your review.


Taught by Play Bridge At Home's core teachers -- Giorgia Botta, John Ramos, and Christopher Rivera -- this course will bring your declarer play to the next level!


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Advanced Two Over One

Four Sessions on Saturdays- 2PM Eastern Time

January 9, January 16, January 23 and January 30


This four part series will include 1D/2C, splinter bids, control bids, and the non-serious 3NT. It is recommended that you have a knowledge of the fundamentals of 2/1 in order to participate.


Your teachers are Giorgia Botta, Christopher Rivera and John Ramos.

This Two Over One Class Has Concluded.
Watch For New Session Dates
Use this form to be alerted when dates are announced.
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Fundamentals Of Two Over One

Tuesdays at 2PM Eastern Time

December 1, December 8, December 15, and December 22


Saturdays at 2PM Eastern Time

November 28, December 5, December 12, December 19


One registration gets all 4. Classes cannot be sold individually.


This four-part series of classes will teach you the fundamentals of two-over-one -- what it is and when to use it. It will also include the Forcing No-trump - what it is and when to use it.


Sessions include interactive online play.


Each two hour class will include a lecture and the opportunity to bid and play many practice hands. The interactive software will allow you to ask questions throughout the lesson and play.


Three great Bridge professionals, John Ramos, Giorgia Botta and Christopher Rivera will present these classes. This will ensure a high level individual attention.


Space is limited so that we can provide the utmost attention to you during lessons and play.


All students must attend a short pre technical session prior to start of class. More details about this session will be made after booking

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