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Four great teachers will get together to play hands, commenting on their thought process for each decision, from bidding to play.

You, the student, will be able to watch all the action, and interact and ask questions of the teachers at regular intervals in our live online session.


Learn how expert players: 

Evaluate a hand

Decide when and what to bid

Decide when to pass

Choose an opening lead

Use signals on defense

Develop a plan as declarer


The teachers will all play the same standard systems. This class is for many levels of player, but complete beginners may find this a little challenging.

Classes Every Other Thursday at 7PM Eastern 

Saturdays Once Per Month at Noon Eastern. Recording of session sent to all attendees.

Please note that the Bridge Professors are on holiday during the month of December and look forward to seeing you again in January.

See all our bridge travel offers here.

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Giorgia Botta  John Ramos  Christopher Rivera

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