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The Bridge Professors is the original class in our collection, and continues to offer material for all levels of student. Meeting every other Thursday throughout the year, each class is a self-contained lesson. Our three core Professors invite a visiting professor each week to bid and play hands on a particular theme. There is something in it for everyone.
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Four great teachers will get together to play a random collection of hands, commenting on their thought process for each decision, from bidding to play. We will have a visiting professor filling the fourth seat along with our core teachers Christopher Rivera, Giorgia Botta and John Ramos.

We will bring in accomplished players and teachers from across the country and around the world. Watch for future announcements or stay up to date at our web site


You, the student, will be able to watch all the action, and interact and ask questions of the teachers at regular intervals in our live online session.


Recording sent to each attendee.

See more about our teachers here  

$25 per person for 2 hour session

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