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From Play Bridge At Sea™

Continue Your Bridge Learning
From Home

Online video classes on demand.
Elevate yourself to a new level.
Pick up from where you left off.

The Bridge Professors™ invites to learn with them anytime you choose with downloadable videos of all our classes.


       Giorgia Botta                         John Ramos                              Christopher Rivera

Purchasing class videos is as easy at 1-2-3

Many of our classes are sold as a series and others as individual class video.


1.  Select the class of your choice.  Click Purchase now. You will have create an account with us just once. Your session ID will be remembered next time.

2.  Got to your emails and verify your that it really you.

3.  You will get an email after purchase with the download link. Watch the video or download it to watch later.  

Select From Our Class List Below

Play Bridge At Sea Learning Collection

  • Bid-Play-Defend

    Series of 3 classes #0122
    • BID: When is it right to bid over the opponents' game
    • PLAY: Always pull trump first, right? Well. not always
    • DEFEND: There's active and defense -which defense is called
  • Slam Bidding

    Series of 4 classes #0222
    • We will cover: Keycard Blackwood
    • Splinters Control Bids
    • The tools the experts use to bid those elusive slam
  • Series Plan 2

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