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Opening Leads Series of Four Sessions-

Each Class is 2 Hours

Four Sessions on Tuesdays at 1PM Eastern time.


April 6, 13, 20 and 27

One registration gets all 4. Classes cannot be sold individually.


How do you choose an opening lead?


This is perhaps the most confounding problem in all of bridge. The opening lead is the only time you must play a card without the benefit of seeing the dummy.

Learn how the experts do it!


Grand Life Master and expert player Michael Polowan teaches opening leads.

Michael Polowan, along with Christopher Rivera, will teach you how to make the best opening lead by analyzing the information from the auction and from the cards you hold.


Learn the difference between active and passive defense, and why that is important.

Learn how to tell whether active or passive is the right defense for a given hand.

Learn how the opening lead sets the direction of the defense, and what it tells partner.


Michael Polowan teaches expert level bridge designed for the aspiring player. While players of all levels are welcome, we will assume that students have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of bridge, are comfortable playing in competitive games, can follow a standard competitive auction, and are familiar with terms of the game such as Fourth Best leads, Honor Sequences, Attitude, Count and Suit Preference signals.

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Four Sessions on Wednesdays at 1PM Eastern time.

December 2, December 9, December 16, and December 30

One registration gets all 4. Classes cannot be sold individually.


What makes a good overcall? It's more than simply having an opening hand and a 5-card suit. Expert players compete in almost every auction with a wide variety of hands. How do they get away with it? Learn what conditions make it right to compete, and what conditions might deceive you into bidding when you shouldn't. Also learn what to do as overcaller's partner: when to advance the overcall, and when to pass.


Class 1: Overcalls of a suit at the 1-level

Class 2: Advancing 1-level overcalls

Class 3: Overcalls of a suit at the 2-level

Class 4: Advancing 2-level overcalls


*This is not a beginner class. Players should be comfortable bidding in competitive auctions, and should be familiar with the ideas that suit quality, distribution, and vulnerability affect hand evaluation.


**This class will not cover auctions where the opponents have opened 1NT.



Space is limited so that we can provide the utmost attention to you during lessons and play.


All students must attend a short pre technical session prior to start of class. More details about this session will be made after booking.

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