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Overcall Structure at the 1- and 2-level for Intermediate Players Set To Debut in December

Play Bridge At Sea

December 2, 2020

New Overcall Class Series of Four Sessions Offered by Play Bride At Sea

What makes a good overcall? It's more than simply having an opening hand and a 5-card suit. Expert players compete in almost every auction with a wide variety of hands. How do they get away with it? Learn what conditions make it right to compete, and what conditions might deceive you into bidding when you shouldn't. Also learn what to do as overcaller's partner: when to advance the overcall, and when to pass.

Christopher Rivera, Play Bridge At Sea™'s Bridge Director, along with Michael Polowan will be the expert teachers for these classes that will span four sessions each Wednesday at 1PM EST from December 2-30, 2020.

Christopher adds that this class will be of the same exceptional quality of all our bridge cruises, land programs and online session offered by Play Bridge at Sea.

Registration can be made at under the Learn At Home page or call 800.983.9077.

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