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Lebensohl Series
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Four Sessions on Saturdays at 2PM Eastern time.

March 6, 13, 20 and 27 2021


One registration gets all 4. Classes cannot be sold individually.


We've all been there.


Your partner opens a strong NT. Whether it's Stayman, a Jacoby transfer, or something else, you know exactly what you're going to do!

…until the opponents interfere. Now what?

That simple overcall by the opponents can present all kinds of issues, for example:

Is Stayman available?

Are transfers available?

How do you show your long suit if you’re strong? Can you even compete if you’re weak?

What if you have stoppers in the enemy suit? And what if you don’t?


The answers to all these questions and more can be found in our four-part series on Lebensohl! It may have a funny name, but our 4-part series will make it easy to understand and make you ready for the next time those pesky opponents interfere over your side's 1NT!

Your Bridge Professors™ for this class are Giorgia Botta, John Ramos and Christopher Rivera.


All students must attend a short pre technical session prior to start of class. More details about this session will be made after booking.

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